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          THAIMED (the Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association) is a non-profit organization representing member companies and agencies that hold active roles in the medical device industry in Thailand. The Association was established in 1989 by six founder members all of whom recognized that there were issues that needed addressing concerning the recently implemented VAT system. Since its inception, membership has steadily increased and currently stands at 114 member companies.

          The main factors encouraging companies to join THAIMED are the increasing demands being placed on them, both by government and consumers, to keep abreast of the changing quality standards and regulatory requirements covering medical devices worldwide. Over the past two decades the Association has successfully led the industry in these issues despite many initial difficulties in getting all relevant parties to reach a consensus and work together as a single unit. THAIMED also provides members and non-members with a service of compiling all the relevant documents required for the approval of a Free Sales Certificate (FSC) at the FDA. A current FSC covering any medical device is absolutely essential to enable it to be imported into Thailand.